Chairperson's Message

ICAI - Ahmedabad Branch

Dear Members,

Best wishes for a prosperous 2023! Thank you so much for keeping me in your thoughts, as I witnessed throughout the year as the members participated and supported the branch in all its endeavors. Members of Ahmedabad are always in my heart and will be it makes my heart sing! During the year 2022, your love and affection will keep us motivated and moving. We, Team Ahmedabad, tried to help and work for the fraternity members and students. The sub-regional conference was well attended by colleagues from our branch, and the presence of the former Acting Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court, Shri Vineet Kothari, inspired us. The talks of our WIRC office bearers at the sub-regional conference enlightened us. Our 2023 reference guide served its purpose of reaching members on time, and it will be useful to all members. .....


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CA Intermediate for the May - 2023 Examination Coaching Classes from 31.10.2022
NIL 22,500/- for both groups Payable Rs. 5,000/- at the time of admission, balance payable within 1 month after CA Foundation result. Note: If the CA Foundation result is otherwise the paid fees will be refunded. Register