Chairman's Message

CA. Nirav R Choksi,
Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI
Dear Members,

A quarter has already passed since the day I took over as Chairman of the most Vibrant Branch of India. It’s been a pleasure so far and I believe that the remaining period will also be an enriching experience. All the members have been very cooperative and the events organized so far have received wonderful response. Now, we have come to that part of the year where we are awaiting for the GST Audit report to be notified along with the first year of challenges of filing all non audited income tax return cases before July. Among all the professional pressures which we will be taking in the next few months, at least till September, we will be putting extreme pressure on our health. Timings of eating, sleeping, working, relaxing, etc will go haywire. Let’s resolve to adhere to a strict time regimen for the coming months. This will not only increase the efficiency but will also lead to peace of mind and body.

The Prime Minister had picked up a fitness challenge and then he has passed it on to the entire nation. Team Ahmedabad Branch has accepted that challenge and has in turn asked the members and their family members to be a part of the #HumFitTohIndiaFit challenge. Not surprisingly, we have received a terrific response from all corners of Ahmedabad and I believe that fitness awareness will not be a one month phenomenon but a routine ritual for all of us.

The month of extreme heat, May, started with Ahmedabad getting its winner team of the Summer Cricket Tournament. I congratulate the winner “The Invincibles” for winning the tournament. Ahmedabad Branch had an unscheduled visit of Hon. Minister CA Suresh Prabhu. His words of inspiration in the visitor book and interaction we had with him will be cherished by all present during his visit. The series of Audit Documentation having three sessions was well attended by members and all the practical aspects of documentation were also covered in the series. The lecture meeting of TDS on foreign payments was very informative for all the participants. The first ever Residential Refresher Course for Young Members organized by Ahmedabad Branch was attended by more than 50 participants and I am sure that from the feedback we have received from the participants, they had a wonderful time at the RRC. A lot of professional networking happened at the RRC among the members. The lecture meeting on Investment Opportunities in 2018 led by past Chairman CA Yamal Vyas was a very interesting session and the members present appreciated the efforts and knowledge of the panel speakers. The Study Groups of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and Forensic Accounting & Fraud Detection had their meetings during the month. The highest numbers of member were present at the lecture meeting on GST held at J B Auditorium. CA Nitesh Jain dealt with the GST audit and other important topics. The post qualification course on Concurrent Audit of Bank has begun at Ahmedabad on 12th May.

The other important limb of the Institute, the Students association has been organizing very useful programs for the CA Students. We are grooming young students to become quality speakers at this stage by keeping programs where students have to become faculties. Practical sessions on the training of the articles will also be held at the branch by team Ahmedabad Branch of WICASA.

Warm Regards,
CA. Nirav R Choksi
Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI