Chairman's Message

CA. Nirav R Choksi,
Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI
Dear Members,

The month of November brought with it the joys of Diwali Festival. The most important festival of the country was celebrated with same fervor with which it is celebrated every year.

Members of the branch were involved in various GST related programs organized by our team. There were constant interactive and educational sessions on GST audit. This area of practice will open up a new leaf in the chapter of Practicing Chartered Accountants. I would term it as the biggest opportunity coming our way at the most opportune time. There has been a serious downfall in compliance based practice and this new avenue will give the required impetus to all.

The biggest event of our term came on 23rd November. The event on GST Audit & Annual Returns (Gyan Sangam) was attended by more than 1800 Chartered Accountants. As it turns out for every GST event, we ran out of registration space for members. Therefore for the first time in the history of Ahmedabad Branch, we ran the same event at a different venue on the same day with same speakers and different participants. The morning event was attended by more than 1100 participants and the evening event was attended by more than 700 participants. The faculties CA Keshav Maloo, CA Bimal Jain and CA Gaurav Gupta enlightened the members with their knowledge on the subject.

Continuing with our tradition to have meaningful and interactive education sessions, we also held small sized GST Audit & Annual Return sessions with star GST faculties of Ahmedabad. The event was also attended to its capacity and well appreciated by all the members. Two other interesting programs which were held in the month were an interactive session on Peer to Peer Lending Business for all the members and a seminar on improvement of soft skills of women Chartered Accountants of Ahmedabad.

The CA Students had a well planned and executed Residential Refreshers Course at Goa. The students interacted among themselves. It was a rare occasion which the students got and they made the most of it.

Thanking You.
CA. Nirav R Choksi
Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI