Chairman's Message

CA. Nirav R Choksi,
Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI
Dear Members,

The month of September has always been a go slow month as far as the activities at Ahmedabad Branch are concerned. All the Chartered Accountants, whether in practice or in industry, are busy in the month of September with finalization of accounts and filings. Now that every month has some due date or other, it has become very hectic as a Chartered Accountant to spare time for ones own self and family.

The entire year has been a year of extensions with every other due date getting extended for some reason or the other. The Government of India is trying its bit to make a massive change in the direct and indirect tax regime but this intent is not very well supported by the technology and background compliances. This has lead to a lot of confusion and clarification time and again. But as it said, Rome was not built in a day, the changes will surely take shape some day for the betterment of our country.

The month started with an interesting seminar on Application and Work Flow using excel. A joint event of Ahmedabad branch and CPA Australia was organized for benefits of members willing to know the opportunities in Australia. As ICAI has always taken active participation in nation building, Ahmedabad Branch joined its hands with Government of Gujarat and organized a mega apprenticeship fair for the benefits of the apprentices wishing to work under a Chartered Accountant. More than 166 CA firms from Ahmedabad participated in this massive exercise where more than 1300 applicants have come and around 636 were either appointed or short listed by CA firms. This is for the first time that Ahmedabad Branch has joined its hand with state level authorities for such an initiative. I must thank the CA members, Gujarat University and the Gujarat Government for making this entire event a grand success. Many more such events will be organized for the members. CA Rashmin Vaja and CA Rahul Maliwal held a seminar to discuss the provisions of Annual Return of GST and the GST Amendment Act, 2018. The last few seminars were held on FEMA and RERA, two of the most promising opportunities for Chartered Accountants. As the date of Income tax audit cases got extended, the already burdened and exhausted CA friends got some sigh of relief to enjoy the upcoming Navratri Festival.

The WICASA continued with its activities of organizing meaningful seminars for the students of CA course. The mock tests and revision lectures for the students were the most important events which were held in the month of September.

Six months of the financial year has already elapsed and it does not even feel so. People say that Time Flies and in the present scenario this is absolutely true mainly because we are not able to keep a track of the daily activities and each day is getting completed without us taking note of it. Who is responsible for the precious moments of our life which are being missed in this daily struggle of our lives? Is it us? Is it the circumstances around us? Too much of thinking on this would leave us with no answers. So lets enjoy each and every moment of our life like there is no tomorrow. Love your work, love your life and love your family. There could be not better way to celebrate each moment.

Thanking You.
CA. Nirav R Choksi
Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI