About The Branch
It was 1st April, 1962 when the Central Council bestowed a great gift to the City of Ahmedabad by formation of Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC of ICAI. The First Chairman of Ahmedabad Branch was CA. H. M. Talati.

At that time there were no office premises, no staff and no manpower available to the Branch. Ahmedabad Branch was normally functioning at the Office of the Chairman and the Secretary of the Branch would regularly visit Chairman’s Office and all the works were done by the Office bearers and Managing Committee Members.

In initial years from 1962 to 1976, which can be described as the formative years in as much as the Institute, Regional Councils and Branches were trying to consolidate their position in the ever demanding Society, Ahmedabad had hardly 100 Chartered Accountants, which increased to around 600 in 1976 and reached the figure of 1000 in the year 1980.

There after, one of the Chartered Accountants offered his Office premises at Lal Darwaja, which is even today the heart of the City of Ahmedabad and it was somewhere in1977-1978 that a small premises of 200 Sq. ft. was taken on lease at Capital Commercial Centre, Ashram Road from where the Branch functioned till 1985.

It was in that year that an old residential property was purchased where the Branch started functioning in a larger premises up to 1992 and it was in the year 1993 the branch decided to organize a Fund Raising programme. After the substantial collection from the members and of course from the grant from the Institute, a majestic four-story building was constructed during the year 1993 which was inaugurated in the year 1997.

The Branch functioned with its full capacity utilizing maximum space for ten years and in the year 2007 that the building was renovated and given the State of Art look with all infrastructure facilities installed and a plot of land admeasuring more than 1,000 Sq. Yd. was purchased keeping in mind the ever growing demand of the Professionals in the Mega City of Ahmedabad.

In 2007-08 for the first time in the history of the Institute, a Member from Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC - CA. Sunil Talati was elected as the President of I.C.A.I

The Branch is now serving more than 8,000 members in Ahmedabad of which about 4,000 are in practice. The Branch is not only taking care of Chartered Accountant residents of Ahmedabad but also of nearby villages and towns and thus effectively serving and catering more than 10,000 Members. The branch, since last 15 years, in the new premises is regularly organizing Flag Ceremony on 26th January, 1st July and 15th August and best of the CPE Programmes are also organized in Branch premises. Ahmedabad Branch is one of the oldest branches.
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